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Polyurea coating, lining and containment for virtually any application.

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Upscale Coatings, Polyurea Coating Specialists

Our Polyurea surface coating and pond liner is a spray on coating with excellent durability, excellent flexibility, high abrasion resistance, and high chemical resistance. Different formulas have been developed to cover a very wide variety of requirements from extreme surface hardness to extreme elongation. 

Choosing A Professional Polyurea Applicator

With all the advantages of Polyurea, it's application is only as good as it's applicator. Knowledge about the different Polyurea formulations, proper surface preparation methods, type of surface to be coated, topcoats, and what function the coating needs to serve all need to be addressed by the applicator. You want a contractor that knows what to use and when to use it. There are a couple of formulations that have better chemical resistance, for example. These coatings must often be applied with special care and attention or the benefits are not realized.

Polyurea Key Properties

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Industrial Polyurea Spray On Applications